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July 27, 2012

[insert sad face]

After much debate I’ve decided to change from wordpress to blogger. So here is the link for my new blog:

I have uploaded the maximum amount of photos possible to this blog…and I really don’t want to have t pay money each year to get more upload space. So hence the new site.

At first I was pretty sad about deciding to make the move (which is why it’s taken me over a week to officially do it), but I am feeling pretty good about it now. Blogger is pretty easy to use and I am happy with the way the new blog is turning out. Plus I’ve just opened my own Etsy Shop: Wrapped in Delight (where you can by my handmade bibs, burp cloths, and paper crafts) and there’s a direct link to it from my new blog page.

Hope you follow me to my new online space! :)

Florida Photos

July 20, 2012

Hi all…still haven’t decided what I want to do about the photo situation. Looks like I’ll have to pay a yearly fee to add more storage to my account. So for now if you want to check out photos from our vacation, please do so on either my flickr page or my facebook. I’ve set up a link to each below:

Florida Photos on Flickr

Florida Photos on Facebook

.     .     .

On another note…if you’re interested on following me on instagram, I share lots of photos on there too @knmatt



Vacation OVERload!

July 18, 2012

We are back and it was amazing! I must say that traveling with a 5.5 month old is far more tiring than I anticipated. Thankfully we were there with tons of family because we really couldn’t have done it on our own. I mean, we probably could have, but it wouldn’t have been nearly as much fun!

Here’s my favorite picture from the trip. Our little munchkin literally MUNCHING on cousin David’s finger! The photo says it all!

[apparently I’ve used up the maximum amount of photo space on my wordpress account. I’ll be working on figuring out how to upload more photos soon…sorry for the inconvenience!]

More photos and details to come soon!

And we’re off!

July 8, 2012

We are heading to Florida today! I am so excited to enjoy our first family vacation as a family of three. Here’s a few photos of the past couple days:





Can’t wait to share photos and details when we get home next week! Until then…

Letter: Month Five

July 2, 2012

Dear Harrison,

[Part One]

I’m starting this letter a few days early because we had a special moment tonight (Monday the 25th), and I don’t want to forget it! Your Daddy was working late so you and I had dinner on our own. I sat down to feed you some rice cereal after I finished eating and you were cracking me up! This afternoon/evening you were a little upset (I just noticed your third tooth, a top one starting to make it’s way) but as soon as I got you sitting in your highchair you were a happy boy. You’ve only had cereal a few times, so it’s a pretty new routine. As soon as I got the spoon up near your mouth you started going cross-eyed because you were so focused on it! I couldn’t help but laugh watching your silly concentrated face. But just as soon as you made me laugh, I started tearing up. The only way I can describe it sounds so sappy, but I just got overwhelmed with how much I love you. Your little five-month life has brought your Dad and I so much joy. There really aren’t words to describe how I feel about you, which is why I think it overwhelms me sometimes.

As soon as my eyes started welling up with tears, you turned toward me with such a concerned look on your face. So I told you it was okay, that Mama was just crying happy tears because of how much I love you. And for a moment it felt like you understood what I was feeling and saying. After a second of you just staring at me with your huge blue eyes we both smiled (which of course made me laugh/cry a little more). For the rest of your meal you kept looking at me and smiling after every bite. I think you just wanted to make sure that I was okay.  I know it sounds like I’m reading into this way too much, and maybe I am. But for some reason I couldn’t help but think that this might be the first of many moments we’ll share with each other; you know those moments when a look says more than words ever could.

Tonight made me so excited to experience life with you as my son. It reminded me that while I love you as a baby, I’m going to get to know the boy and man you will become, and even though I don’t know what you will enjoy or what your personality will be like, I know that I will love you through every stage. There wasn’t time to grab the camera and snap a photo of the look on your face tonight, but I hope that writing this brief little memory down will help me to always remember your sweet smile and concerned eyes. You are so good at loving your Mama already. I am so thankful for you sweet boy!  I’ll finish the rest of your letter on Thursday when you’re officially five months old. And between now and then I’ll enjoy plenty of snuggles, laughs, and maybe even a few more tears with you (especially if that top tooth is really coming through).

 [Part Two]

So it’s actually a couple of days after your “five month birthday” and I really don’t have any excuse for waiting to write the rest of this letter. I will say that the past few days have been a lot of fun with you! On Thursday (when I should’ve written and posted this) we had a really great day. Daddy was home and he and I enjoyed blueberry pancakes and eggs for breakfast. Unfortunately you’re still too young, but someday we’ll share with you, I promise! And it was pretty nice weather so we got to enjoy a walk together later in the day.

I guess if I had to summarize what it’s like spending time with you these days I’d have to say it’s FULL of LAUGHTER! You’ve got two bottom teeth (which makes for an adorable smile), and a belly laugh that we can’t get enough of! Lately you’ve been entertaining us with crazy spit, I don’t even know how to describe it other than the fact that you can spray your spit pretty far, and with all the drool you’re producing it’s an activity that can keep you entertained for quite a while.

In a week we’re heading to Florida for your first family vacation. We can’t wait, and even though you won’t remember it, we are SO EXCITED to have fun in the sun with you. Swimming, Harry Potter World, and our cousin Gareth’s wedding await us on the other side of the country. Hopefully you’ll do just as well on the airplane ride as you did when we flew to Montana so you could meet your Great-Grandpa earlier this spring (fingers crossed).

Well sweet boy, you just keep growing and don’t seem to be slowing down. I’ve had a hard time with it sometimes, but right now I’m just trying to enjoy each day as it comes. And you are so enjoyable to be around it is really not that difficult.

Here’s to another great month ahead. I’m so thankful to have July and August to be at home with you. Summer is the best and I am already LOVING all the time we’ve had together since I finished school last week.

Off to go pinch your thunder thighs and kiss those cheeks!

Love Always,



Summer, so far…

June 24, 2012

Well I’m three days in and finally feel like it’s “summer” now that I caught up on 3 weeks of dirty laundry, and bought groceries (it’d also been about 3 weeks since I’d done that too). Needless to say I’m overjoyed at the prospect of spending another two months at home with Harrison! The 7 weeks or so that I was back at work flew by, and though I’m sure summer will fly by as well, at this point two whole months feels like a good long time!

The past couple of days have been “eventful” to say the least. To start things off I fell down the stairs holding Harry. It was only a couple steps, and he was totally fine (didn’t even seem to notice) but I took the fall hard, hurting my left ankle and butt. Ouch! More than anything it shook me up, but I’m glad he was just fine!

In other news around here:

  • Just before arriving to a little birthday bash for my niece, I checked the rearview mirror and noticed that somehow I had gotten baby poop on my cheek (YUCK!). Good thing I checked before I arrived…so gross!
  • Harrison started eating some rice cereal last night, mixed with some of my milk. He didn’t quite know what to think, but he certainly didn’t mind it (especially the spoon, which he wanted to play with). Pretty cute!
  • I think I may have posted this already, but he’s got two adorable little teeth on the bottom. They come up more and more every day! :) I wonder when the next tooth will start making it’s way.
  • I can’t believe our little guy will be five-months-old already (this coming Thursday).
  • We leave for Florida on July 8th…which is just around the corner! :) CAN’T WAIT to have some fun in the sun with my little family, and extended family too as we celebrate my cousin Gareth’s wedding! Wahoo (so excited for you and Courtney)!

Two tiny teeth! :)

We made Josh a little Father’s Day gift. Super cute!

The picture in the frame is one of my recent favorites. He is so chubby that when we try to take him out of the bumbo, it gets stuck!!!

He tries hard to roll over, but he just can’t do it without our help. Someday baby boy ;)

Trying out this whole “eating” thing. I’m sure it’ll be even more entertaining when we introduce veggies!

Wordless Wednesday 6/20

June 21, 2012



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